Sunday, April 20, 2014

Ocean Park

Ocean Park
Ocean Park is an amusement park and an animal kingdom put together. First we took a deep sea train to the place in the park with the exciting rides. The train had a TV screen showing what you could see in the deep sea. There were also lots of lights. When we got there we went on lots of different rides. My two favourite rides were the Flash and the Hair Raiser. On the Flash you sway from side to side. You start going higher and eventually you do a 360. The Hair Raiser is a roller coaster with lots of loops.

There are also lots of games at Ocean Park. I tried 2 games. First I played a basketball game and won a huge bear. I also tried a shooting game but did not win anything. I want to go back today to win my sister, Alia, a bear and to take some cool Go Pro Videos.

I love Hong Kong!


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