Sunday, April 27, 2014

Hiking in Nepal

Today we started hiking on a flat road. The road took us out of the town we slept in. This road made me feel like a stroll through the park. IT smelled of trees and yak poo. I could not taste anything like a dryness in my throat. After about half and hour we started to go downhill. During the downhill there was a mixture of steps and rocky downhill. I felt the pain in my legs when I stepped over a step. I smelled dust when people kicked it. I tasted the sweat like someone pouring water on my head. After a long time of that we stopped for lunch. We had french fries, pasta, rice with egg, and vegetables. I ate the pasta and the fries but left the other stuff.

After lunch we crossed a bridge to get to two hours of steep uphill. I felt like my legs were going to come off my body. I tasted more sweat and smelled nothing because I was concentrating too hard.

I am having a great time here and love the hiking.


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