Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Fire and Ice

Fire and Ice

Well, we've arrived in Kathmadu. What an incredible city! We arrived late at night so our first order of business was to go to sleep. The following morning, however, we were out and about. Using our Rhino 650 - Garmin with Nepal maps, we were able to very easily navigate the streets of Kathmandu. This is one of the skills, that I had wanted Aadam to master. While cycling across France, Aadam had been responsible for providing directions using a Garmin device. He showed significant aptitude at working with Garmin devises and providing direction, so I wanted to build upon those skills during this trip. We invested in the Rhino 650. It is amazing! I now feel absolutely confident that if Aadam is given a GPS device with appropriate maps, that he can navigate any city. He will be using this device to plot his trek to base camp, including setting waypoints and calculating distances and travel speeds.

Carl, our climbing guide in Canada, had told us about Fire and Ice. We found this on our GPS and made our way there. The pizza was incredible, as were the deserts. We then plotted our way to Civil Mall. This is a large urban mall in the centre of Kathmandu. We navigated the smallest streets filled with cars and people - again the Garmin proved invaluable. Aadam and I bowled and played a few video games. We took a taxi home and then rested by the pool. What a wonderful day.


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