Saturday, April 19, 2014

Journey to Everest

Aadam and I started this journey many months ago. We were excited at the prospect of climbing to Everest base camp. Why? Well, that is a tough question. At the superficial level, it was because we both enjoy mountains and climbing. On a deeper level, it represented an opportunity for Aadam and I to spend time together, working towards a common goal. But there is still more. I really wanted to ground my son, in the beauty around us and that this beauty is free and for all to share. I learned this appreciation for nature through Scouting and wanted him to share my passion.  Furthermore, a trek through Buddhist Nepal under the ever-watching eyes of Everest, seemed a great opportunity for a spiritual journey of self-understanding and self-growth.  I have no doubts that during this experience he and I will grow in many wonderful ways. Who knows if some great understanding or appreciation will come to us - we can only seek and pray that the journey is full of meaning and satisfaction.

Aly Nanji

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  1. Thanks for the great introduction to your journey!
    Alia and Afroza