Wednesday, May 7, 2014

I had a great time

On this trip I had a great time doing everything that we did. Right now we are going home but I am still thinking about everything that we did.

First we started out by hanging out in Hong Kong. Then we moved to Kathmandu and finally we flew to Lukla. We started out hiking then we kept walking for day after day. From Lukla to Monjo. Then from Monjo to Tangbouche. The hiking was tough but I was glad for a warm bed after every long day. After 6 days of vigorous hiking we arrived at Everest base camp. We had reached our goal but we had to get back! After lunch and a quick walk around at base camp, we set a new goal - make it back alive. We had to hike for 4 days to get to Lukla to catch our flight to Kathmandu.

Once we got back to Kathmandu we could say that we made it to base camp and back again. We had achieved our goal. I felt great!

We had done what we had to do.


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